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We are inviting you to take up space as one of our contributors to this women-led publication.G-Woman Magazine provides a platform for women (and those who love us) to celebrate women's diversity, culture, business, career, lifestyle and impact. Whether it’s an article, interview, personal story, or business strategy, we’d love to hear from you. You don’t need to be a published author, just come with a genuine desire to reach women globally.Our readers anticipate monthly online content from contributors and a quarterly themed cover publication with engaging content, interviews, articles and featured stories that offer tips, insights and strategies to help our readers elevate their lives personally and professionally.Expert contributors commit to writing 4 articles a year and VIP contributors commit to writing 12 articles a year (once every month) and have their own specially named & branded column.You can write us at or cc

Contributor Guidelines

IMPORTANT: Please read our Editorial Guidelines for Contributors.To be considered for our printed publication or website, articles must adhere to the following criteria Ideal article length is 600 to 1,500 words (one or two pages). If it exceeds 1,500 words then we reserve right to publish an abbreviated/edited version.

  • Your submission must be of interest and relevance for our readers. It is our editorial decision on choosing if it should be published.

  • You accept that we reserve the right to edit and publish as we see appropriate for G-Woman Magazine, including the headline title, and which edition it will appear.

  • Provide at least two high quality and related pictures to accompany your article. It will not be published until we have these. We cannot accept stock library images.

  • G-Woman Magazine retains editorial and artistic privilege to decide which pictures (if any) to publish. We will try and consult with you beforehand but if deadlines are tight, an editorial decision will be made.

  • If you object to the pictures selected and no suitable quality replacements are available, if at least 3 working days before the deadline, the article will be not be published.

Promotional content

Please note the clear distinction between editorial and promotional content before submitting.Editorial is informational content of value to the reader, like a personal story, or sharing expert knowledge related to your profession, skills, experience, or activities. It is not for promoting of your business, a service or product. If you wish to promote your business, service or products, you can either:

  • Place a paid for advertisement on G-Woman Magazine to complement your editorial feature OR...

  • Combine informational content that will be of interest, as a sponsored feature, and promote your business, service or product. You can add a promotional box or message at the end of the article and include your website and social media links. This works best as an interview and you will be guided by our team. Please inquire at for further details.

  • Should you submit an article that we believe to contain promotional content, we will offer you the option of sponsoring the feature, or to remove the promotional elements – or not to publish at all.

  • Our guidelines are intended to maintain a high quality of content and interest for our readers and for a consistency of fairness and transparency for all parties concerned.


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